1. Ok. Well, I’m about to try this method to make the decals look a little better until we get them replaced. The $20 (around) cost is worth it for the decals to look presentable at least. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    1. Author

      We will be eager to hear your results!

      1. Didn’t work. I used the scrubber sponge to remove the oxidation until it was smooth. Then I used the cleaning wipes, twice. For the decals that were badly faded with spots of discoloration, it didn’t work. For the decals that were just faded, it helped.

        1. Author

          Sorry it didn’t work out. It definitely depends on how bad the decals are and what is making them look washed out.

  2. Since I will be cleaning an entire RV, what I look for in a cleaning and care product is breezy use, saving me time and effort. I am glad that I found this wash and wax from TR Industries.

    1. Another reason why I like this product a lot is that it is very environmentally friendly. This cleaner is readily biodegradable and will immediately break down right after you rinse it off your RV. It is also non-toxic for animals and plants, so no need to worry about your pets or other wild animals getting hurt when they accidentally ingest the substance.

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