1. Hi Jeff

    I have a 2004 32 foot Southwind

    What panel did you have to remove to get to the holding tanks for probe inspection?
    Did you have a lot of Chassi undercoating that had to be removed for fastener removal?

    Thanks for your help

    1. Author

      Hi. Sorry it took so long to reply but somehow I missed the notice of your comment. It’s hard to describe the location of the panel. I was able to look in through my wet bay and see the holding tanks directly behind it. I then crawled under the RV and noticed that the back wall of the area that held the tanks was just attached by a few screws. I hope that helps!

  2. Hi
    I assume the black rubber pieces goes on the inside of the tank and the nut tightens it down from the outside. How did you get it through the tank without the whole being bigger then the black rubber piece?

    1. Author

      They basically work like a Molly bolt. When you tighten down on the nut, the length of the rubber collar shortens and expands to tighten in the hole.

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