1. Hi Kathy, Nine years ago we decided to move to Ca. While we both thought it would be for a year or two but we still we decided to get rid of just about everything, rather than paying for storage. We packed boxes which we sent by UPS and we had a very small trailer that we pulled behind our compact car. It was hard but we found it to be very therapeutic. It was fun to start over with everything new. We settled in La Jolla CA in a very small condo (505 sq ft) and we really enjoyed the simple life for quite a while. Our neighbor at the condo had moved there 6 years before us and had put her belongings in storage when she made the move. She was still paying for storage and bought many items that she had in storage, but she said it was too much work to go through the boxes looking for what she needed. It isn’t easy to know what to do. Having the time as you and Jeff have now will help alot. We are excited about your new adventure and are looking forward to hearing about it. The kids have quite an adventure ahead of them too! We hope for the best for all of you. Marica

  2. Thanks for your response, Marcia! You guys are like pioneers heading West for a new life. Do you still own your condo? What did you do with old family photos, heirlooms inherited from grandparents, very special mementos from friends and family? I’m very sentimental and find it hard to let go of possessions with special meaning and memories. How can I deal with this aspect of downsizing? We might get move into a different house someday, keeping some things might make sense, right?

  3. Hi Kathy,

    It’s going to be hard to say good bye. I would not let go of your heirlooms, family photos, or possessions that mean something. If it brings joy to your heart, keep it. You can’t replace items like that. How much space can it really take up? Downsizing doesn’t mean to have nothing. Stay practical and keep what is rightfully yours from being inherited or given to you. It’s ok to keep some items that mean so much. You will find the space for what is worth it. The meaningless stuff get rid of or donate. I need a sofa, dresser, dishes, etc. Let me know what you have when you need to donate.

    1. Author

      That’s such good advice. Thanks! And we will let you know as soon as we are ready to start on furnishings.

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